This took far longer than I would’ve liked. There were also some snags here and there BUT it is done.

Also, as you can see from the Render and other various screenshots the Natascha is making it debut. The Natascha however, cannot be team colored.

Another issue for those of you out there whom happen to own Botkiller (At least on Carbon) Miniguns, RED Team defaults to Purple while BLU Team defaults to Orange/Red. As far as Ryo and I know, this cannot be easily fixed and likely requires access to assets only Valve can access.

And yes, there is a very small and subtle view model edit but I’ll let y’all figure out what that is.

As usual, comes in Orange, Red, and Pre-Steampipe variants.

And as always, hope you enjoy,

Skin Submissions

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Tron Fortress Community (Steam Group), courtesy of Quantum-Knight

Grid Industries on Tumblr

Various Other Tron Fortress Renders

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