Anonymous asked:

spy first person view is the same as the classic tf2 no tronified look of first person view of spy

I am well aware of the problem; well with the MK3s anyway as I’ve not gotten around to doing first person views on the MK3s. If you’re using the MK2 skins though, then it’s due to either misplaced files or valve edited the viewmodels to point to different textures.


Anonymous asked:

hey Kru63r the tron skin i downloaded from gamebanana is not working,i installed it correctly but only some of it work please fix thanks :D

I would if I knew what the real problem is. 

If the VPKs don’t work you could try the folders instead and vice versa. But without complete knowledge of the problem, I can’t really help.


ekscelle asked:

Will you put all the weapons in one pack, all the player skins in another, etc? It would make customizing much easier, in my opinion

Of course. I’m not sadistic enough to make you download everything separately. 

But, of course, that’s only once everything’s finished. Right now though, you’ll have to deal with downloading separately.



Anonymous asked:

mind i ask,so you keep "Uberstyle in Progress" i see that about 2 years,why it so long?

It was an off and on project since the founding of the studio. But my knowledge of CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) is practically non-existent. I stopped working on it when I got shipped off to USAF Basic Training. Since then, I’ve gotten a new computer and the file that had my CSS progress is elsewhere. 

It’s still, theoretically, a work in progress. But work on it will likely be in much longer intervals due to Military Life.

After nearly half a year, I’m marking my return to skinning with the release of the MKII Deus Specs. Updates from me will likely be few and far between as I’m in the United States Air Force, and working on KC-135’s is a time consuming task. 

Enough about that. This release is similar to the original in terms of color choice. However, unlike the original submission, white has been replaced with the addition of Pink. Everything else has remained.

So, like the original, there’s two folders. Default has your Orange/Red & Cyan team colors. Then there’s the Color Set folder which has three more folders in it. This Folder is intended to let you mix and match colors between the teams. In order to make that work though, you need to install the  VPK or files within the “Install This First” folder. Then you can choose the colors you want out of the “BLU Team” & “RED Team” folders.

As always; hope you enjoy,

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Anonymous asked:

When you finish skinning all of the weapons will they be all in one pack and hen you finish all of the particles and the first person view will that be all in one pack? also could you work on the light trails for each team

To answer your three first questions: Yes, once they’re all done. Though to expand on your third; those will be included with the final release of the MarkIII class skins.

To answer your final question: No. We’ve tried once before and it’s impossible to team color them. And even if it were, Panzer’s been MIA for a while.


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Woo, I’m back! Yes, I’ve completed BMT and am now part of the Air Force family.

Right then, on to G.I. News:
I won’t be able to go back to skinning for several more weeks as I’m currently without a computer and internet (I’m posting this from my phone); I’m saving up for a better computer than the one I currently own, which is back home at the moment, so a few more weeks and I should be back in business.

Thank you for your patience and I hope to see you guys again soon,


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