Anonymous asked:

hey,can u fix the CM5K sprite(trails and explosion) please,becuse it invisable when shoot and no explode when impact

As much as I would love to, I can’t.

TF2’s particle system eludes me. And while I could learn to work it, it would take a good chunk of time. Panzer is our one and only Particle Engineer and he has a nasty habit of going MIA for long periods of time without warning. I do know we need a new Particle Engineer, but it’s hard to ask when a group such as us harbors such hostility on GB.

Hopefully, once I get this expensive side project up and running we can possibly expand the ranks of Tron Fortress and Grid Industries.


Anonymous asked:

So I've been trying to install all the Skins I can, and trying to stop any overlapping skins, but the Scout is missing his model. Any Suggestions?

I believe Ryo mentioned that was caused by using the Two-Hand Cannon which is broken and doesn’t look like it’ll ever be fixed. But if it is, Ryo will definitely upload a fixed version. If you don’t use the Two-Hand Cannon then it’s something else entirely.

Ryo recently uploaded the Love & War updated models to GB, so that might fix your issue.

gridspy asked:

I think I got more then 1 question,First,Will you make a other hat or misc to Tronified? Second,Can you share all the Tronified stuff for GMod? Third,How do you edit .vtf file?

1. Yes, I will make another cosmetic item. What it is though is still up for debate. Trying to make paintable cosmetics paintable after editing is… problematic to say the least.

2. Also, the tronified stuff for GMod isn’t anything special I did. All I did was literally take the stuff from my submissions and move it into the GMod folder. GMod doesn’t play well with VPKs (They don’t work), but the pre-SteamPipe method works.

3. Depends on the program you use. I personally use GIMP for making my textures and Ryo uses Photoshop. But the principle is still the same across the board for whichever program you use. Regardless of the program you use, look for VTF plugins for your program of choice.


Anonymous asked:

Hello, mein mensch! I am Captain Mordecai (my Steam ID), and I have a question. Do you know how Old School pack (from facepunch threads) releases a new pack, with previous skins, once every 10 or so, or something like that, skins? Might I ask if that would be efficient to you, or if you have thought about that. In all honesty, you probably have.

Don’t know how they do it, though I do have some ideas. Also, Gamebanana works differently from Facepunch. Facepunch is a forum where you can update something and bump the thread to show everyone that there’s a new post which says the the pack has been updated and whatnot. GB does not. The only way for someone to know that something was updated would be if they were watching the submission, which to do, you’d have to be a member. GB does not bump updated submissions. This technically means that we could be updating a dead submission for no apparent reason and be wasting our time.

On the other side of the same coin though; re-uploading an updated pack as a new submission, while useful for those who enjoy our work, would only infuriate the general populace (We’re already not liked), at which point they’d stoop to childish insults and such claiming that we’re spamming or point farming and what have you.

So, while it may seem like a good idea, it isn’t due to the mechanics of how the Banana works. I’m working on a little something else on the side to try and make up for that, but it’s a bit expensive.




Anonymous asked:

Hi there Kruger i was hoping that you can maybe make a tron dead ringer?

Dead Ringer is on my list of stuff to do. Don’t know when I’ll get around to it though.

After a long time of being finished, I finally got around to uploading it. So here’s the Classic.

As usual, I don’t have much to say on the matter.

Comes in both Pre-Steampipe and VPK formats.

As always; hope you enjoy,

Skin Submissions

More Tron Fortress goodies over at the Tron Fortress Studio.

Tron Fortress Community (Steam Group), courtesy of Quantum-Knight

Grid Industries on Tumblr


Anonymous asked:

spy first person view is the same as the classic tf2 no tronified look of first person view of spy

I am well aware of the problem; well with the MK3s anyway as I’ve not gotten around to doing first person views on the MK3s. If you’re using the MK2 skins though, then it’s due to either misplaced files or valve edited the viewmodels to point to different textures.


Anonymous asked:

hey Kru63r the tron skin i downloaded from gamebanana is not working,i installed it correctly but only some of it work please fix thanks :D

I would if I knew what the real problem is. 

If the VPKs don’t work you could try the folders instead and vice versa. But without complete knowledge of the problem, I can’t really help.


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